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We will represent you every step of the way – in Criminal Court if you are charged with a misdemeanor… in Supreme Court if you are charged with a felony. We’ll discuss your right to testify in the Grand Jury and help you decide if that is the best strategy for you. We’ll identify any constitutional rights that may have been violated by the police and that would entitle you to a suppression hearing before trial. As seasoned criminal defense attorneys, we will be sure to protect your rights and advise you. If you have been arrested or believe that an arrest is imminent, it is critical to consult with counsel.

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DWI’s, depending on the circumstances, can be classified either as misdemeanors or felonies. Know when an interlock device is mandated. Know the distinction between driving while intoxicated and driving while impaired and the effects it could have on your driving privileges.

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If a domestic violence complaint is made against you, you may get arrested. These cases can be prosecuted in either Criminal Court, Supreme Court or the Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Part. You should immediately consult with a lawyer if you are contacted by the police asking you to come to the precinct to give your side of the story. You should not deal with the police without legal representation. All statements you make to the police or district attorney can be used against you in court. Even if you believe that the complainant wants to drop the charges against you, you will still be required to appear in court. You need a lawyer to defend you. Many times a Criminal Court complainant will also file for an order of protection in Family Court – you should have one lawyer protecting you in both courts.

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And if you have already been convicted of a crime and are thinking about an appeal, our firm has years of experience handling cases in appellate courts: writing briefs and oral arguments.

Whether you’re charged with drug possession, assault, or any other crime, our firm stands ready to represent you.